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  • Experience: x3
  • Gold Drop: x3
  • Item Drop: x3
  • Honor: x3
  • Reputation: x3
Arthas Fun
  • Experience: x10
  • Gold Drop: x15
  • Item Drop: x10
  • Honor: x2
  • Reputation: x3
  • Experience: x5
  • Gold Drop: x3
  • Item Drop: x3
  • Honor: x3
  • Reputation: x3
  • Experience: x5
  • Gold Drop: x3
  • Item Drop: x3
  • Honor: x3
  • Reputation: x3
Sept 6th 2017 Server revamp update
By Blackswann, 23:37, 06 Sep 2017
Sept 6th 2017 Server revamp update
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DONE... Well sorta cuz we have some to do still
By Blackswann, 22:39, 26 Aug 2017
Neverendless-WoW Ok, it's done... We are sorta naked, least I am... But we are online Baby!!!
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So this is taking more time...
By Blackswann, 02:56, 25 Aug 2017
So this DB conversion is taking FAR longer than we planned, expected or could even imagine. That said it will go live when it is done, and done as close to perfect as we can do it. For the community members that find it necessary to insult us for the timing go play on warmane and suffer the lag and **** they have because frankly, I would rather do without the few idiots that want to insult our efforts.
"Bobby can you tell us what is going on" of course I can fellow community member!
We converted millions of data records that are not optimized or in proper N3 form. There were small data corruptions and errors in the tables. Here is just a portion of the error report.
-- MISSING TABLE INSERT INTO character_login_activity SELECT * from backup_arthas_characters.character_login_activity;
-- MISSING TABLE INSERT INTO character_stats_alt SELECT * from backup_arthas_characters.character_stats_alt;
-- MISSING TABLE INSERT INTO gm_subsurveys SELECT * from...
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Time is here!!!!!
By Blackswann, 01:28, 15 Aug 2017
So here is the dish on what is gonna happen this coming Saturday, August 19th, 2017... Neverendless will no longer be a custom gear realm. You will keep banks, guild banks, reps, all historic values, and achievements. But you will no longer have custom gear. Viarax will be shutting the server off at some point on Friday evening London time. We purged about 10gb of our 30gb database this past weekend of dead data. When the server goes down this time it will be to update the core to our new GEN2 version of 3.3.5 Wrath of the Lich King.
We will be keeping the old customs realm as a fun realm for a little bit but it will be going away very soon. Once we are done with all the backend work we will go live on Sunday afternoon or evening London time and we will be fully converted. We are going to be posting the policy of how we will be doing the gear replacement. Now, think about it. We are only able to replace with in-game gear. If you already have that gear we can't add it again....
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NEW CORE new update. 8/8/2017
By Blackswann, 01:25, 09 Aug 2017
So the current plan is to purge some junk toons and accounts that have one or both things to follow...
1. Characters less than level 10 that have not been logged in for a period of 5yrs...
2. Accounts not logged in 10 years
3. Accounts with ZERO characters ever created
These will be purged completely over this coming weekend August 12th and 13th...
We will look at where we are once this is done and announce the next steps. Now, we are very close to going to the final core update prior to release. The plan will be to do weekly patches after that. They may be small or large no telling really but we will patch on Tuesday mornings my time about 8 AM USA PST
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New core cometh...
By Blackswann, 05:29, 30 Jul 2017
We are very close to release our new core... We have a few bugs to correct and then the dreaded DB purge. An interesting fact is we have nearly 2 billion items on characters in our Arthas DB. stay tuned as we will post how this will all go down later in the week.
Stay Patient, hate me if you like but we are coming back folks...
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The Neverendless PTR Realm is now live!
By Viarax, 20:26, 14 Apr 2017
The long awaited PTR realm is now live!
If you would like to take part in testing our new core you will need to set your realmlist to:
set realmlist ptrrealm.neverendless-wow.com
and connect to the realm called "NE PTR".

If you happen to encounter any bugs please report them to the relevant links below:
Quest reports:
NPC reports:
Spell reports:
MISC reports:
The WarpNPC has been implemented and has the ability to set your character to either level 55 or 80 in order to progress to endgame content faster.
Vendors have been added in the center of Dalaran to gear up your characters.
EXP & Gold rates have been increased.
Starting gold has been increased to 10k
WarpNPC has the option to give you 1k gold (can get as many times as you want)
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New Neverendless daily events schedule
By Jem, 15:32, 12 Dec 2015
We are posting a regular events schedule for your knowledge. This way you will know what event is on what day. We hope this helps you enjoy your time with us here on Neverendless.
Monday : Scavenger Hunt
Tuesday : Battleground
Wed : RR
Thursday : RDF
Friday : ICC
Saturday : City Raid
All events will be held at 20:00 in game time.

Join us for some fun!!!
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Voting Points Issue
By Jem, 19:14, 15 Sep 2015
Due to a technical issue with the system that sends out the vote points, we were not able to reward the vote points as usual on September 14th.
We are currently working on resolving the issue as fast as we can and will send out the points as soon as it is fixed. Until that time please keep voting as your accounts will still be keeping track of each vote you make.
NOTE: The has been resolved and points have been sent. Sept. 17, 2015
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7th Anniversary Out-Of-Game Events
By Jem, 09:50, 09 Jul 2015
We will be having some Out-of-Game forums events that you can participate during the anniversary that will give you more rewards. These rewards will include chips, Neverendless Doubloons , Frost Emblems , Wintergrasp Commendations and the Neverendless 7th Anniversary shirt .
Please check out the Forums Event section from July 10th-12th for the posted events or return to this post for direct links to each event as they are posted. There will be 1-2 events posted each day from July 10-12th.
Remember you will have approximately 24 hours to provide your answer to enter each event and that all qualifying entries will receive rewards as specified in each event's instructions, although only the top 3 will get chips. Rewards will be sent out as fast as possible but please be patient.
NOTE: All reward items from this event except [Emblem of Frost] are account bound and are movable between characters on the account they are sent to, SO choose your character wisely as the...
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